The United States Will Miss The 2018 World Cup, And The Internet Is In Shock

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The United States Men’s National Team had one job heading into Tuesday night’s match against Trinidad and Tobago: Do not lose under any circumstance if you want to make the World Cup. The Americans could afford to draw, and a win would be ideal, but if they fell to Trinidad and Tobago, their fate would be out of their hands.

Disaster struck, though, as the Americans lost, 2-1. This would have been fine if both Panama and Honduras lost, too, but unfortunately, the former took down Costa Rica and the latter beat Mexico. It was a stunning night of soccer in CONCACAF, and now that the dust is settled, the United States will not participate in the 2018 World Cup.

Over the next few months, there will be some serious reflection on the part of U.S. Soccer and its fans over the next few months as everyone tries to figure out a way that this never happens again. But for now, everyone is trying to get past the mix of feelings that come after failing to make the World Cup.

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