UPROXX Interview: Danny Trejo Talks Super Bowl Ads, #DeflateGate, And ‘Better Call Saul’

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While we still have to wait more than a week to see which team will win Super Bowl XLIX, the competition for the best ad in this year’s big game already has a clear frontrunner. Yes, we’re just about ready to crown Snickers the big winner for turning Hollywood’s hardest working badass, Danny Trejo, into Marcia Brady. (FYI, the teaser has a half-million views on YouTube and Snickers will release the entire commercial before Super Bowl Sunday if the video reaches a milestone of 2.5-million engagements.)

I talked to Trejo so he could tell us more about his unlikely portrayal of Marcia Brady, but I wasn’t going to let our favorite ass-kicker get away without asking about a possible Better Call Saul cameo for Tortuga either…

UPROXX: With all due respect, you are probably the least Brady Bunch person on the face of this planet. Are you a big fan of The Brady Bunch?

Danny Trejo: Of course I’m a fan of The Brady Bunch. I used to watch that show all the time! I had a huge crush on the mom, Florence Henderson.

UPROXX: We obviously don’t want you to spoil the big reveal, but is there a chance that Marcia’s rage will lead to a Machete rampage throughout multiple commercials?

Danny: You’re going to have to hit the Snickers Facebook page if you want to find out. I have to say I’m a big Snickers fan, I love Mars. When my agent called and asked, “Do you want to do a Snickers commercial?” I said yes, I love those commercials, they’re great and funny. When they told me what this one was, I died laughing. I couldn’t believe it. And I like the candy anyway, so why not?

UPROXX: Super Bowl commercials are bigger than some movies these days, in terms of buzz and critical response. Are you ready to be crowned the king of this year’s Super Bowl ads?

Danny: I would love it! I know people who watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials. They don’t even like football.

UPROXX: And this commercial is just the beginning for what seems like a packed 2015 for you. How do you manage to be the hardest working tough guy in show business?

Danny: It’s a real blessing. Every time the phone rings, my agent knows that I love to work, and if I don’t work, I buy old cars. They like to keep me working, so my house is like a used car lot.

UPROXX: We all know that things didn’t end up so well for Tortuga on Breaking Bad, but Better Call Saul is a new beginning for everyone. What are the chances you’ll make an appearance?

Danny: [laughs] I’d love that! When I was in London making an appearance, somebody brought me this huge tortoise and asked me if I would sign it. I couldn’t believe it, and I put it under my neck and took a picture of it, and then I signed it. Tortuga was pretty popular, so I’d love it. Let’s see what happens.

UPROXX: You seriously have more projects on your IMDB for 2015 than some people have in a career. But what amazes me is that you haven’t been in The Expendables yet. Why is that?

Danny: Because I’m not expendable! All of those other guys are expendable, but I’m not.

UPROXX: Super Bowl commercials have already been a great way to ignore all of the nonsense about the Patriots deflating footballs. Do you think Tom Brady and Co. are guilty of cheating?

Danny: Noooo. If they were deflating footballs, somebody on that field would have picked it up immediately. Everybody’s touching that football, whether you’re on offense or defense. A football had a little less and air and everyone’s making a big deal about it. I don’t know how these controversies work. I mean, the Cowboys were robbed. [laughs]

UPROXX: What kind of punishment would you hand down to a cheating team if you were named the NFL’s commissioner for a day?

Danny: Wow, you’re talking about a great commercial idea right now. [laughs] I should consult Snickers about that. Don’t say anything, I’m taking that to them tomorrow.

For your viewing pleasure, the teaser for Danny’s Snickers spot…