This Ridiculous Video Shows A Fan Throwing A Box Of Trash At Boxer Victor Ortiz

Victor Ortiz lost a fight to Andre Berto on Saturday. Five years earlier, the two men fought and Ortiz won, so this was a bit of redemption for Berto, who knocked down Ortiz twice in the fourth round to win the bout.

It’s the stuff of movies, assuming one of them had the last name Balboa or Creed.

Then again, it’s rare that a sports movie has someone tossing literally garbage at the loser of a fight.

That’s what happened to Ortiz after exiting the outdoor ring in Carson, California. He’s probably heading back to his locker room, thinking, “Things can’t get any worse. It’s not as though someone threw garbage at me.”

Then someone threw garbage at him.

That appears to be a pizza box with trash inside of it that made contact with Ortiz. He didn’t react but his entourage did and that one guy goes into an old-timey boxing stance before snapping a jab at the garbage tosser. Violence doesn’t solve anything, but if someone throws literal garbage at you, you should be able to punch them one time.

The best part: Ortiz is from Southern California, so this was basically a home fight for him and it ended with a fan pelting him with the leftovers from a pizza meal. Sports, as always, are terrible.

(Via Larry Brown Sports)