Voting: The Only Way To Avoid Being Glass-Punched In The Face By Tim Kennedy

The gents at Ranger Up have put together a brief, expository PSA about voting, and while some of it can be disputed — morons get elected whether we vote or not, because the only people allowed to run are the ones who appeal to the most morons — some of it can’t. For example, yes, if I fail to vote in November, I could end up in a kumite deathmatch against the previously pretty-nice-seeming Tim Kennedy. The logic makes sense, what can I say?

Video is below.

My only two problems with the video are:

1. If a pretty girl sees you wearing a skull t-shirt and chooses to talk to you, she’s the stupid one.

2. Based on the setting and the whole glass-on-the-fists thing, the payoff fight seems less like a Bloodsport kumite and more like the finale of Kickboxer.

Regardless, I’m voting in November. Anything to get out of having to watch vampire movies.

[h/t to Cage Potato]