Want To Watch Jon Jones Break His Toe Again? Of Course You Do

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04.29.13 8 Comments

A lot of people think that UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones and I are a lot alike, and they’re mostly right. The only real difference between us is that when he breaks his toe in an absurdly graphic manner, he still wins his fight, celebrates with a pizza and energy drink and then goes to the hospital for surgery, while I scream like a cat giving birth and run around in circles for 5 minutes. And that’s just when he breaks his toe. But other than that, the champ and I are practically the same person.

Anyway, in case you were unable to join us for another one of our award-winning UFC live discussions – this one took home 3rd place at the Broward County Fair – Jones indeed defended his title with a first round TKO over Chael Sonnen, despite the fact that he fractured his toe and you could totally see the bone sticking out of the skin. And I don’t normally post images and GIFs of such graphic nature, but good Lord, people. I just can’t look away.

So here’s the basic recap. Jones was just way too much for Sonnen and it was over in a few blinks:

But while Jones was wailing away on Sonnen, he didn’t realize that he had fractured his toe. How bad was it? This bad:


And we were all like:

Then Jones was like, “Hey, why is everyone at home throwing up?”

And we were still like:

So Jones just laughed and said, “Whatevs”:

Once he finished his pizza, he went to the hospital and met these nice people:

Who did this to him:

But he doesn’t care, because:

In conclusion, Jon Jones is one of my favorite people in the entire world.

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