War Machine Is On The Run And Wanted For Nearly Beating Christy Mack To Death

In the most stomach-turning sports story you’ll read today, MMA fighter Jon ‘War Machine’ Koppenhaver is on the run and wanted by police for the alleged beating and attempted murder of his girlfriend, porn star Christy Mack.

Warning: The following images are hard to see.

It’s a story that we joked would end badly, but never truly wanted it to. They were just crazy people. They got tattoos to show their love, one proclaiming Mack “Property Of War Machine.” He’d make concerning jokes and she’d tell us we were overreacting. When their relationship was in trouble we made jokes, and the worst things to come of it were a raging quest for a slurpee and a bad clothing line. All of that humor is gone.

Mack posted the following message on her Twitter page moments ago, and God. It’s inhuman f*cking horror.

Accompanying the story was this collage of images.


Also horrifying are War Machine’s tweets, which I won’t reproduce here but will direct you to if you’re curious. They’re a nightmare in 140 characters. Claims that he’d hoped everything would end up happy, reassurances that he still loves her, complaints that the police will never give him a fair shake. Meanwhile, Christy Mack sits in a hospital bed with a story like that in her life.

The Internet is already launching into equally shameful “she does porn so this and that and this,” but make no mistake: this is an absolutely undeserved, unforgivable act of violence. We can only hope that War Machine turns himself in, and that justice is served in whatever way it can be.