Watch Marshawn Lynch Finally Explain Why He Doesn’t Talk To The Media

Here’s how Marshawn Lynch opened his Super Bowl appearance today:

“Hey look, I mean, all week I done told you guys what’s up and for some reason y’all continue to come back and do the same thing that y’all did. I don’t know what story y’all trying to get out of me. I don’t know what image y’all trying to portray of me. But it don’t matter what you all think, what y’all say about me. Cause when I go home at night, the same people I look in the face, my family, that I love, that’s all that matters to me. So y’all can make up whatever y’all want to make up, cause I don’t say enough for y’all to put anything out…when I’m at home, in my environment, I don’t see y’all. But y’all mad at me. If y’all ain’t mad at me, then what y’all here for…I don’t have nothing for y’all.”

That’s a hell of an opening statement for a guy who isn’t known for saying all that much. Lynch then used his remaining time to shout out cities and friends and “real Africans” then plugged his website

Lynch does bring up a fascinating point here. If you know he’s not going to say anything, and you know he doesn’t want to talk, why are you there? What kind of information are you seeking?

Again, this whole thing is just very stupid and the NFL only has themselves to blame.