Watch Mike Tyson Give The Definitive List Of Fighters Both Real And Fictional That He Could Punch Out

Mike Tyson appeared on the “Keep it 100” segment of The Nightly Show on Thursday night, and host Larry Wilmore asked the boxing great which fighters throughout history, both real and fictional, he would beat in a fight. Tyson, as always, kept it 100.

His responses to which boxers he could take:

Muhammad Ali: No
Joe Lewis: Yes
Rocky II: Yes
George Foreman: Maybe
Million Dollar Baby: No
Apollo Creed: Yes
Jake LaMotta: No
Robert De Niro as Jake LaMotta: Yes
Robert De Niro as Fat Jake LaMotta: Depends on how fat Tyson is, too
Robert De Niro as Young Don Corleone: No, because of guns
Soda Popinski: No
Paul Simon singing “The Boxer”: Yes
Rocky III: Maybe
Rocky I: Yes
Rocky VI: Yes
Rocky IV: No

This all seems accurate enough, except maybe the Soda Popinski part. Even Little Mac took him out in 1:08, and that was in late ’80s Nintendo time, which is more like 30 seconds.