These Two College Baseball Players Went Airborne After A Collision At First Base

As far as college rivalries go, Cincinnati and Louisville’s doesn’t have much of a national profile, but it’s real and the football version even has its own trophy, the Keg of Nails. And the basketball side is always emotional (even though Louisville is on another level financially). But now we have some visual evidence that the rivalry extends to the baseball side as well.

That’s Louisville’s Devin Hairston trying to beat out a bunt single at first base, where he runs smack dab into Cincy second baseman Kyle Mottice, who was running to cover first base. Mottice’s momentum takes him into the basepaths, and Hairston was at full sprint, and that’s how you make two human bodies look like pool noodles.

Since Mottice (understandably) dropped the ball, Hairston was called safe and neither player left the game. That means it’s an infield single in the box score, which finished with third-ranked Louisville beating Cincinnati 6-2. Rub some dirt on it, Kyle.

(Via Lost Lettermen)