A ‘Weakest Link’ Contestant Thought Curling Was Chess

The newest trend in television is rebooting old game shows with new celebrity hosts for primetime television. There’s now Match Game, Press Your Luck, Supermarket Sweep, and Weakest Link all back on network television, which means we have far more opportunities for hilarity in the form of mishaps and embarrassing moments — along with people doing well and winning lots of money.

One fun thing about watching game shows, particularly those that rely on trivia, is recognizing haw many people are, simply, not in any way, shape, or form a sports fan. On the Weakest Link this week, we got another example of that — we are used to seeing this from Jeopardy! contestants — when a woman going for $1,000 was asked to identify what curling was by a photo. Her answer was, somehow, chess.

Look, there’s incredible stress and pressure that comes from trying to answer questions on television and you never want to not say anything, but just swinging wildly with “chess” when looking at some curling stones on ice — when prompted about an Olympic sport — is hysterical even being understanding about the situation.

That was not the only incredible moment to come from this week’s episode, as someone thought Lee Harvey Oswald was a poet which led to a literal cringe from one of the other contestants.

“Guy who shot John F. Kennedy” and “is a famous American poet.” Close!

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