This Week In ‘Oops, I Fell Out Of The Boat’: When Big Game Fishing Goes Wrong

By itself, there’s something pretty funny about the beginning of this video of an older gentleman out on the open water for a big game fishing excursion, because if you’ve ever been on one of these chartered trips, you know that they’re a hilarious joke. Basically, a guy pays a large sum of money to stand next to a heavy duty fishing rod and pretend that he’s actually trying to catch a massive sport fish, while the boat’s crew members are actually doing all of the work. I’m sure it’s a pretty great metaphor for corporate America or something like that.

But what happens once a giant, crazed and ultimately violent fish is finally caught and reeled on to the boat? Well, the crew members could manage to contain it and bludgeon it about the head until it dies so that Uncle Moneybags has his precious trophy and/or dinner, or they could completely whiff on reeling it in, allow the wish to wildly thrash about the boat, causing one of the crew members to fall into the ocean while the wealthy old dude fends for himself.

Try to guess what happened here.