Wendy’s Roast Of The Tampa Bay Rays Was So Savage They Haven’t Tweeted Since

Every social media manager craves engagement. It’s why every day there are new prompts thrown out there by brands and teams to get responses and boost those sweet, sweet engagement figures. However, sometimes, you get something more than you bargained for when you go out there on the internet streets looking for interaction.

This is what happened to the Tampa Bay Rays today, when they got roasted so bad by the Wendy’s corporate account that, more than three hours later, they have yet to say anything else.

It started, as they so often do, with a prompt from the folks at Wendy’s for National Roast Day, which I swear the only people that know what made up holiday each day is are social media managers.

Anyways, the Rays walked in and asked for their roasting and what resulted was so vicious that it set Baseball Twitter on fire.

Wendy’s is referencing how the Rays pulled Blake Snell in the midst of a pitching gem against the Dodgers in Game 6 of the World Series after just 73 pitches in the sixth inning, holding a 1-0 lead. Tampa’s bullpen went on to give up two runs that inning and lost the game 3-1 and, in turn, the series. It is a truly incredible roast from the Wendy’s account that required a pretty decent baseball knowledge to dish out, knowing the exact weak spot to hit the Rays.

Snell, who is now on the Padres, saw the tweet and joined in the cacophony of people responding the savagery they just witnessed on their timeline.


The lesson of all of this is to never ask to be roasted, because you’re just setting yourself up to possibly get torched into oblivion for no reason other than the allure of those hot social engagement numbers.