West Virginia Player Quits In Middle Of Game

I don’t know what could happen that would make you think leaving the middle of a game you’re in is a good idea, but West Virginia’s Danny Jennings felt that he couldn’t take sitting on the bench anymore and walked away. Maybe he got pissed that his jersey was misspelled again.

According to multiple reports, the reserve forward left the Mountaineers bench early in the second half of Sunday’s 56-46 victory over South Florida and did not return the rest of the game. An angry West Virginia coach Bob Huggins said in his postgame news conference that the absence was both “unexcused” and “inexcusable,” adding that Jennings is “never to be seen again, I guess.”

“I understand you have to report it and that’s fine, but can we talk about the guys who play?” Huggins said. “Because he didn’t play anyway. And hasn’t played.

“The truth of the matter is he’s been a non-entity. You know, we started him to try to get some other guys motivated and things, and he did work hard in practice for a while, but he hasn’t — I mean, look at his career stats. We didn’t just lose Kevin Jones. You know what I’m saying? It’s a sidebar.” -The Dagger.

Reading what Huggins said after the game, it seems like Jennings on the team wasn’t something that looked like it would work. Huggins seems like a guy that loves his players, and I mean loves his players, but he sounded like a pretty big ass with his comments. Then again, Jennings’ side of the story hasn’t been revealed yet, so it could be possible that what Huggins said about his failed attempts to get Jennings involved are true. I’m sure Jennings, who averaged about two points and two rebounds in eight minutes, will have no trouble finding another college program that will take his impressive scoring skills and determination.