What Better Way To Celebrate A Blowout Loss Than By Proposing To Your Girl?

Ballpark proposals might be terribly corny and cliché, but they’re still a thing that happens all the time, no matter how much we complain. The latest came to us from Fenway Park, where one Red Sox fan decided that there was no better time to pop the big question to the love of his life than in the bottom of the 9th with his team trailing 14-5 to the New York Yankees. At least I assume that this guy is a Sox fan, because I can’t imagine why any Yankees fan would want to propose behind home plate in the home of the team that he hates more than anything else on this planet.

And of course she said yes, so we know that this wasn’t some horrible and poorly-timed stadium prank or Jimmy Kimmel Live bit, but the jury’s still out on whether or not this was shot for Fever Pitch 2: We’re Ruinin’ All of Yah Fahkin’ Games. Regardless, congrats to many, many years of taking your wife to Sox games, only to hear her complain, “These seats aren’t as nice as the ones you bought when you proposed.”

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