What Did You Have For Breakfast? UFC’s Conor McGregor Ate A Sheep’s Entire Head

Pro Wrestling Editor
04.12.13 6 Comments

Sorry, wrong photo. I think.

But no, seriously, what did you have for breakfast this morning? I had waffles and a cup of coffee. At no point today did I turn to a loved one and say, “hey, you know what would be awesome? If I beheaded something and ate that thing’s head. No, I don’t mean using parts of its head to make a meal, I would literally like to eat its entire head.”

As you may have gathered from the headline, UFC’s Conor McGregor thought that, and here he is eating a sheep’s entire head. According to the comments at Middle Easy, the cheek and tongue are delicious. I’m guessing they’re extra delicious if you have to detach them from a skull before swallowing.

Here’s the head:

sheeps head conor mcgregor

And here’s a man who believes that looks delicious:

Stick around until the end for the bonus storyline of a baby being encouraged to put whatever gross shit it can find into its mouth. McGregor explains that he’s happy with how much protein the sheep is giving him, and I’ve got to say … I can think of about a thousand less disgusting things that can give you protein without having to lop off a farm animal’s head and tonguing its neck wound.

Anyway, enjoy your lunch.

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