‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Will Give Away A House In Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville

10.22.18 8 months ago

Sony Pictures Television

Wheel of Fortune has been on the air for more than 30 years now, which is enough time to have some truly strange moments in syndication. But it’s also had a long list of odd, extravagant, or downright exciting prizes. The latest example of this is a prize is a house.

It’s not just any house, though. How dare you? This is Wheel of Fortune! And the house is worth more than $350,000. Pretty good, right? But did we mention the house is famous? Yes, extremely famous, in fact. So famous it’s probably mentioned in your drunk, sunburned cousin’s favorite song.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote on Monday night that Wheel’s next big prize is a house in one of Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville housing complexes. But what’s more, the giveaway will be for viewers, not contestants on the show. While those competing by solving word puzzles on stage compete for vacations to Margaritaville resorts and locations like the Great Smoky Mountains, viewers at home will randomly get a chance to win a $350,000 home in a Margaritaville community in either Daytona Beach, Florida, or Hilton Head, South Carolina.

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