This Ridiculous ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Puzzle Solve Even Shocked Pat Sajak

Jeopardy! is the show that’s captivated game show fans over the last year with some incredible play from the likes of James Holzhauer and the Greatest of All Time Tournament won by Ken Jennings. Meanwhile its syndicated step-sibling, Wheel of Fortune, is often noteworthy because of some major gaffes like forgetting what a vowel is or not saying every word of the puzzle correctly in the spotlight. Sometimes multiple fails can happen in a game, which is particularly cruel but does speak to just how hard the game can be sometimes.

Which is why we should celebrate the impressive solves the show produces, too, especially in crunch time in the prize round. That’s what we get to do today, as the winner of Thursday’s episode of The Wheel nailed a $37,000 bonus prize with the help of just four letters.

What are you doing? is the question for the final puzzle, and our hero Jessie has this to work with before her letter selections.

Wheel of Fortune on Twitter

Not a whole lot, and the P C D and O didn’t do much better, giving her a single C to work with and 10 seconds to, quite literally, figure out what to do.

Wheel of Fortune on Twitter

The result was an extremely impressive pull.

Somehow, it took her five seconds to guess “buying a juicer” which was, of course, absolutely correct. Given the nine blanks on the board it’s an extremely surprising solve, especially considering the “cer” suffix isn’t an incredibly common one with this phrasing. It drew some wild reactions from the crowd, and for good reason. Jessie took home $52,328 for her effort on the show, which was pretty solid for a day on the soundstage. And she certainly impressed host Pat Sajak.

“This game makes no sense at all,” Sajak said.