The White House Website Was Excited For The ‘Boston Red Socks’ Visit

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As has been the case for every sports champion since Donald Trump took office, the Boston Red Sox visit to the White House has been a major point of contention inside and outside the locker room.

The 2018 World Series champs accepted the invite and will visit the White House on Thursday afternoon, but only a portion of the team will be on hand. Manager Alex Cora, citing the poor relief efforts in Puerto Rico, joined the list of those who chose not to go — all of whom are players of color — while the white players unilaterally chose to go.

The divisiveness of the visit has been on display for some time and the team has tried to avoid it as a topic of conversation, going so far as to prevent a Washington Post reporter from entering the locker room after a recent game against the Orioles after he spoke with players prior to the game about the issue. It is clearly a point of contention within the clubhouse, but the contingent that chose to visit Trump will do so this afternoon, although the White House had a bit of difficulty with the announcement on the website.

The typo has been fixed now, but for a bit the White House was thrilled to welcome the “Boston Red Socks,” a rather hilarious subplot in what has been to this point a more serious story of handling politics within a sports clubhouse.