Who Could Have Predicted This Guy Would Be Racist

07.14.11 8 years ago 10 Comments

Chad Muska seems like a fairly average, affable guy. He’s a pro skateboarder, and he’s the type who goes out to a Coffee Bean at 2 in the morning, spraypaints “MUSKA KILLS” on their windows, then calls the security guards the N-word until someone arrests him on felony charges.

From TMZ, the leader in opportune sports coverage:

Muska was first detained by security at the Roosevelt Hotel around 2AM. Law enforcement sources tell us Muska was seen spray painting his name on a nearby Coffee Bean.

While security guards waited for LAPD officers to arrive — Muska demanded the guards let him go, and called them “ni**as” several times … including one instance in which he said, “Fu** all these ni**as right here.”

LAPD eventually showed up and arrested and booked Muska for felony vandalism — and our sources say Muska had tagging materials on him when he was arrested.

You’d think “skateboarder acts tough defacing a coffee shop, then is racist nutbag” would be the best part of the story, but nope: Element Skateboards, one of Muska’s pro sponsors, is defending him using the oldest and worst white people excuse ever.

A rep for Element Skateboards — Muska’s sponsor since 2006 — tells TMZ, “There is a major difference between n**ga and n***** and it’s totally obvious he is not being racial at all.”

The rep then added “black people can say it to each other and it’s fine, but when I say it it’s racist?” as well as “if you threw a White Pride Parade people would get upset!” before disappearing into the darkness to draw grim reapers and Fear Factory logos all over his sh:tty racist skateboards.

[h/t and insert picture via Off the Bench]

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