Why Can't This Bubba Watson Photoshop Be Real?

Back in January, when he was still just a golfer with no green jacket in his closet, Bubba Watson attended a huge car show and auction in Scottsdale, Arizona – or Snottsdale as my dad calls it – and he ended up leaving with his wallet $110,000 lighter. Watson purchased the original Dukes of Hazzard General Lee car that was used in the show’s pilot episode. The famous Dodge Charger was banged up and discarded, but eventually a collector found it and completely restored it, leading to Watson’s purchase.

As Watson was fending off Louis Oosthuizen in a sudden death playoff before winning his first ever PGA major at the Masters, my friend and I were joking that he should totally do donuts on the green at 18 if he won. Of course he wouldn’t, but a boy can dream. That’s why Watson’s Tweet yesterday with the above image of him jumping the General Lee over the lawn outside the clubhouse at Augusta was good enough.

Alas, Watson only Tweeted the image because he’s been taking criticism for owning and driving a car that has a confederate flag on the top. I guess that comes with the territory when you spend 6 figures on something that people have as much contempt for as a swastika, so he should probably get used to defending his ride.