Colin Cowherd Describes In Detail Why He’s Parting Ways With ESPN

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07.22.15 11 Comments

News came out last Thursday that ESPN decided to part ways with longtime radio personality Colin Cowherd. Of course, whenever there’s a split between a major organization and a brash-but-prominent personality, everyone wants to know exactly what led to the decision to break off the relationship.

As it turns out, the decision to split wasn’t nasty at all. Cowherd addressed it on his show today, and was very complimentary of ESPN and his bosses, who he called his “friends for life.” He described the decision as “amicable,” then explained how thankful he was that ESPN decided to give him a shot more than 10 years ago when he replaced Tony Kornheiser on the radio.

Cowherd also said that ESPN offered him a “great new contract” that was “incredibly fair,” but said that “it wasn’t about the money, it was about the funny,” and that he just needed to do something new with his career.

His next step is unknown, but it’s widely believed that he’s headed to Fox Sports. While he didn’t confirm those reports, he did say “you can read Internet stuff, some stuff’s been printed, most of it pretty accurate,” but said he’s not going to promote another unnamed network while on ESPN.

(via the Big Lead)

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