Rams Defensive Lineman William Hayes Is 100 Percent Convinced That Mermaids Are Real

Stop what you’re doing and listen to Los Angeles Rams coach Jeff Fisher talk about defensive lineman William Hayes, an adult man who is 100 percent convinced that mermaids exist.

Hayes’ story is somewhat well-known— in addition to being the NFL’s foremost mermaid truther, he rejects the notion that dinosaurs were things that existed. He is wonderful, because he is so convinced of these two things that he won’t even consider opposing viewpoints. Sure, he’s wrong, because there is proof that dinosaurs walked the earth and there is nothing to suggest that mermaids ever existed, but he is so passionate about his cause that you can’t help but admire his passion.

The argument that Hayes lays out via this clip from Hard Knocks basically has two major points:

  1. While humans have never seen mermaids, they do discover new species in the water every day. Mermaids may be there. Ergo, mermaids are real.
  2. He cannot fathom that at any point in history, a Tyrannosaurus rex walked the earth. Part of this due to the fact that humans have never seen a dinosaur. Hayes also has zero intention of ever teaching his children about dinosaurs, which, sure.

The best part of this clip, though, is listening to Fisher explain that Hayes was excited for the Rams to move to Los Angeles because it meant that he would be closer to the West Coast. Logically speaking, if mermaids exist, being close to a body of water would increase your chances of seeing one, so while mermaids are not real, Hayes may be onto something here.

Still, listening to Ol’ 7-9 talk about the dude on his roster who believes in mermaids and rejects that dinosaurs existed is the best thing that you’ll watch today.