With Leather’s Watch This: Gallon Smashing Is Something That Exists And It’s Stupid

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05.13.13 4 Comments

I really don’t get you, youth of today. I really don’t. Sure, I did some stupid sh*t in my day, and not a moment goes by that I don’t regret acting like such a schmuck. But with all of the information and education that we have available for us now, there’s almost nothing left that we can get away with. So why on Earth would you let someone record your stupid face as you go gallon smashing in public? Next thing you know, some pro-milk advocacy group is lighting your house on fire and killing your pets. That’s the way the world works these days, folks.

Oh, and there really isn’t much more that I love than watching an a-hole’s face bounce off the cold, hard floor. Because, all jokes aside, adult me will stab a bitch if pranks like this cause milk prices to increase.

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