With Leather’s Watch This: How About Some ‘Parks & Rec’ On The DVR?

Remember when we all made fun of Rob Lowe earlier this year when he “broke” the “exclusive” “news” on Twitter that Peyton Manning not only wasn’t re-signing with the Indianapolis Colts, but he was never going to play football again? Yeah, that was a fun time. By the way, in case you haven’t had the luxury of Manning carrying your fantasy football team to the playoffs (and the Denver Broncos to the real playoffs, if you want to be all proper and such) he’s possibly going to be the NFL’s MVP this year with 3,502 yards passing and 29 TDs to date (with only 9 INT). Again, Lowe is not a sports reporter.

But he is lucky enough to be on one of the best shows on TV, NBC’s Parks and Recreation, and because of that he got to hang out with some of the Indianapolis Colts players and staff this week, as they film the bachelor party episode for Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott). That is LITERALLY one of the coolest pictures we’ve ever posted.

Oh, and there are also sports on TV tonight, too.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Brooklyn Nets – 7:30 PM ET on NBA TV

“Is this a potential NBA Finals preview game?” asked someone who is really bored by this NBA season already.

NBA: L.A. Lakers at Houston Rockets – 8 PM ET on Regional

Wanna know how boring this NBA season is already? People have already started creating drama over Dwight Howard in L.A. Of course, it doesn’t help that what Howard recently said about playing for whichever team can win him a championship is just same old, same old, but still – ease up on the drama. I’m still recovering from last year’s overdose.

NCAA Basketball: Texas at No. 15 Georgetown – 7 PM ET on ESPN

I’m sure this could be a good game…

NCAA Basketball: No. 25 NC State at Connecticut – 9:00 PM ET on ESPN

And I’m sure this could also be a good game. But…

The 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – 10 PM ET on CBS

I can’t watch the basketball games before this, because I will be tailgating in my Candice Swanepoel jersey.