An Artist Designed Stunning World Cup Jerseys For Wakanda From ‘Black Panther’

Mark Yesilevskiy

The Marvel movies Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War has brought some much-deserved attention to the fictional African nation of Wakanda. The Black Panther’s home world has sleek technology, brave warriors and plenty of style. And quite frankly, it deserves its own World Cup uniform.

The United States isn’t in the World Cup and it still got new uniforms from Nike, so why shouldn’t a fictional nation get its own kit? That’s the thinking behind a graphic designer’s soccer uniforms designed for the nation of Wakanda.

Buffalo-based artist Mark Yesilevskiy often designs uniforms for various soccer teams, and he got caught up in the enthusiasm for Black Panther‘s release back in February and made a design for Wakanda. The kit has a sleek all-black kit includes the necklace T’Challa wears on his Black Panther costume and a red badge for the nation of Wakanda.

The first tweet of the Wakanda-inspired jersey design received a lot of buzz, and with the World Cup in full swing he went ahead and designed an away kit for the fictional nation, which is based on Wakanda’s special forces, the Dora Milaje.

These are immediately some of the better-designed kits in the World Cup, should Wakanda exist and actually qualify for the tournament. Check out the super-sleek detail on the red of the away kit.

It’s fun to imagine what Wakanda would look like in the real world, but given Danai Gurira’s point that an uncolonized Africa could very well have created a real-life Wakanda it’s a bit sad that these aren’t being worn in Russia this tournament.