WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 2/13/12: Two Hours Of Shawn Michaels’ Concerned Face

02.13.12 6 years ago 1,598 Comments

Photo credit: WWE.com

Photo of John Cena Attitudinally Ajudsting Kane at the top of the world’s tallest building instead of FROM the world’s tallest building not related.

On tonight’s show: Executive Vice President Of Talent Relations and (Still!) Interim General Manager Of Raw Mr. John Laurinaitis brings on some guy named Shawn Michaels to deliver a message to Triple H. What that message will be, and whether or not Shawn will superkick a moose upon delivering it, remains to be seen.

– Poll of the week: The Raw discussion threads and Best And Worst reports have created a nice little community of wrestling fans at With Leather, so here’s my question … if I presented a similar open discussion thread for Smackdown, would you participate? Pros are “Daniel Bryan is on it more” and “more time to talk to your Internet wrestling fans”. Cons are “taped show” and “shouldn’t we be doing something better on a Friday night?”

Remember, the ten best comments from tonight’s open discussion thread get featured in Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 2/13 tomorrow, and yeah, eventually I’m going to start giving you prizes for that.

– Yes, I have seen that pic of David Otunga at the Grammys. Yes, it is going to be its own Best tomorrow.

– That thing where you have to reload the page to see the comments that’ve been added is being addressed by our tech guy, and should (should) be resolved by next week’s thread. Sorry. I appreciate your clicking, though.

– Secondary poll question: Are we gonna get the Funkasaurus tonight, or are we supposed to forget he exists?

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