Yasiel Puig Might Have Said, ‘F*ck The Media’ But Totally Didn’t Mean It Like That

Miami sports talk radio host Josh Friedman created quite the stir yesterday when he Tweeted the following:

Of course, that created two kinds of responses:

1) The media members who have been stroking Yasiel Puig’s young ego and building him into the Cuban Bo Jackson immediately went into full-blown “What a classless punk” mode, using such terms as “hogwash” and “malarkey” as they are wont to do.

2) The blue collar sports fans, armed with keyboards and opinions, joining in the anti-media rhetoric and hoisting Puig on the shoulders of the Internet as a new champion.

But I guess it should be pointed out that while some of the other reporters who claim to have been in the locker room when this went down said that Puig was clearly joking, the Los Angeles Dodgers responded to this brouhaha last night by telling CBS Sports that it’s all just a big misunderstanding.

… the Dodgers tell that when Puig uttered a phrase similar to the one above, he was speaking privately to a team official about the prospect of an upcoming question-and-answer session with reporters, which he later undertook and completed. The team maintains that his remark, which the Dodgers say was not translated accurately in the above tweet (although it was still profane), was not directly addressed to members of the media within earshot.

So I guess the question is, would we like to sit here and argue about whether or not Puig is a young punk with no respect for the game or would we like to watch him sock some dingers? I thought so.