Yep, Taiwan Animation Weighed In On The Manti Te’o Girlfriend Hoax

New career goal: get name-dropped in a Taiwan Animation video.

With the exception of WWE doing a Lennay Kekua/Little Jimmy joke on Monday, the most predictable thing to come from the reaction to Deadspin’s Manti Te’o I LOVE MUH DEAD GIRLFRIEND story is the response from Next Media Animation. Sometimes life lobs a ball in their direction, and it’s their job to do a bunch of peyote and slam it home. They don’t disappoint here, covering Te’o’s troubles with butt-chugging leprechauns, in-game mech attacks and what may or may not be a necrophilia joke.

Thanks for doing what you do, Taiwan. I’d be down for an entire series of these, especially if they involve more scenes of fictional characters pouring whisky up this poor guy’s butthole.