You Can Finally Play As Justin Bieber In A Basketball Video Game

10.03.12 6 years ago 14 Comments

Just a few nights removed from barfing on stage, Canadian pop superstar Justin Bieber performed the show of a lifetime at the Staples Center Monday night. I know that because I looked at his Twitter feed and he’s been retweeting everyone who has Tweeted that his show was great and, according to some, propelled his swag to new heights. If only that swag would run out of fuel and plummet to the ground.

This morning, though, Bieber Tweeted a video that followed up a Tweet from last week that confirmed that the MVP of the NBA All-Star Weekend celebrity game – I think, who even remembers? – is available in NBA 2K13, which hit stores yesterday. I’d make fun of this, but he’s instantly an upgrade to the Orlando Magic roster.

The video is… less than flattering, as it shows Bieber being rejected and turning the ball over, before getting frustrated and throwing his arms up in the air. Interestingly, he is, in fact, waving them like does care. But please don’t feel bad for the Biebs, because as YouTube commenter DiaperBoy1996 points out, Justin is awesome at everything.

Well, that’s sweet. Anywho, here’s the video and a picture of Bieber in the game. You can print it up and hang it in your locker at high school, but for the last time, the judge told you to stop hanging around high schools already.

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