You Shouldn’t Have Waited To Click These Morning Links


UPROXX Presents: The Best Of 5-Second Films, Part 2 – For the other five people in the world who think “Father and Son” is hilarious. Some of these look legitimately better than any movie released in theaters since like, March. [UPROXX]

25 Ray Guns, Blasters and Phasers Inspired by the Sci-Fi of Yesteryear – Zzzzzap. Zzzzzzap. [Gamma Squad]

The Best Costumes, Celebrities, and Pointless Merchandise from New York Comic Con – Hopefully Matt will let me do a Wizard World Austin version of this. Also, I hope I can save up enough money between now and November to pay for one entrance ticket to Wizard World Austin. [Warming Glow]

Google Will Kill Google Buzz, Google Music Store Reportedly Launching – Google should buy AOL, sell it to Yahoo, then buy Yahoo and sell it to Alta Vista. Then buy Webcrawler and Ask Jeeves and merge them into AssCrawler. [Smoking Section]

Fincher Says ScarJo’s Boobs Were Too Big For Dragon Tattoo, Basically – Beside, they already filmed her version of this, it’s called The Perfect Score and it’s awesome. [Film Drunk]

Trent Richardson Now Owns Senquez Golson’s Ankles – Just … ridiculously sick. Ridiculously sick. [Smoking Section]

Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street – No, Internet. Bad Internet, bad. [Buzzfeed]

‘The Three Musketeers 3D’ Was a Joke on ‘The Simpsons’ Twelve Years Ago – Not really. Moviefone is stretching here, but the clip is funny, and the Zorro rap song is one of my most solid in-theater references. [Moviefone]

Venture Bros.’ 9 Most Musical Moments – ATTN: Venture Bros. guys, Re: you are not Trey Parker, please stop making music for no reason and animated your funny television show. [Adult Swim]

The 10 Most Profitable 80’s Remakes – Future #1: My gritty, cyber-noir remake of Amazing Grace And Chuck. [Pajiba]

Obsessed Apple Fan Gets Steve Jobs Haircut – Average Person, if you’re reading this, your planned-for-Halloween zombie Steve Jobs costume is not a funny or clever idea. [Brobible]

A Steampunk Disney Princess Fashion Show – How did this start, honestly? Who was the first nerd to say “Doctor Who is cool, but he’d be cooler if his scarf had pipes”? [Unreality]