YouTube Is Helping Your Favorite Artists Tour Better

06.05.15 3 years ago

YouTube just announced a new data tool called Music Insights for its recently launched YouTube for Artists site to help your favorite underground artists gain exposure.

Music Insights is primarily designed to show artists the cities worldwide where they’re most popular. It also displays top tracks by artists and views from both artists’ official music videos and fan uploads using YouTube’s Content ID feature. Artists and their teams can use this information to show radio programmers and local venues how big their local fan bases are in particular cities. This could get them added to radio playlists and help them plan tours more effectively, hitting cities in which they know there’s a demand. It can also help them craft set lists for those shows, as artists will have insight into which songs are most popular in which cities.

YouTube’s already helped a lot of indie artists get signed — now it can help them make some money through touring while awaiting its highly-criticized paid subscription service.

(Via YouTube Creator Blog)

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