10 Netflix Instant Comedies You Can Burn Through After ‘Arrested Development’

06.04.13 5 years ago 116 Comments

A full nine days after season four of Arrested Development was released on Netflix, I’d say 80 percent of the people I know online have watched the entire series, while 80 percent of the people I know in real life are still back on episodes two and three wondering when the series is going to get better (soon! I promise). Real-life people, and those of us frequent pop culture sites like this one clearly operate at different speeds, but at least most people I know in real-life and online are watching Arrested Development, which says a lot about the series’ fan base.

However, if you have finished the series already, and you’re aching to find something to watch on Netflix in between Sundays (which is about the only day of the week at the moment with anything worth watching), I’m going to offer 10 suggestions to watch on Netflix. Many of these I’ve made before. Many you may have already seen some of them. So, consider this a reminder of the great sitcoms available on Netflix (and this list is obviously far from exhaustive), and recognize that this is a very good time to catch up on some series that need catching up on. The series here are three season or less, so a devoted marathoner could get through any one of the series in a week or two, while some others you may be able to knock out in a weekend.

Children’s Hospital — I will never not take the opportunity to ring the Children’s Hospital bell, and among comedies that have come since Arrested Development, there’s probably no series that has taken the AD style of humor and stretched it even further. Children’s Hospital is what you might imagine Arrested Development might be like if it were set in a hospital, more detached from reality, and reduced to ten-minute episodes. Even Henry Winkler is on it, and his character is not that far removed from Barry Zuckerkorn. AD’s Michael Cera provides narration, and the series also stars Rob Corddry, Rob Huebel, Megan Mullaly, and Ken Marino, but the surprises of the series are both Malin Akerman and Lake Bell, who are far more funny than they’ve ever been given credit for.

Bob’s Burgers — One of the longer series available on Netflix on this list, I mention it because I, myself, am finally catching up on it. Although I’ve seen a few episodes here and there, it’s Josh’s ringing endorsement (and the fact that he mentions it at least once a day) that finally convinced me to give it a go, and it is fantastic. The show possesses a similar off-the-wall sense of humor to Arrested Development, but it’s also a surprisingly loving family at the center of the series, and while AD is the better show (but not by as much as you think), this one has a lot of heart fueling the comedy.

The League — Closer in tone to the uncomfortable humor on Curb Your Enthusiasm than the layered humor Arrested Development, The League nevertheless lands on this list because still too many people dismiss it because it is ostensibly about fantasy football. It is flat-out hilarious. In fact, what Arrested Development may be missing is a Rafi. They also share Alia Shawkat in common (she was a guest in the second season of The League) and Seth Rogen thinks enough of both shows to do extended cameos in each. Oh, and also, Katie Aselton is perfection, and her real-life husband, Mark Duplass, is one of the most talented and prolific actor/writer/directors working today.

The InBetweeners — There are absolutely no connections between the brilliant British series, The Inbetweeners and Arrested Development, but if you’d like, you can think of The Intebetweeners as a British version of what a series might look like if it centered on George Michael Bluth and his three misfit friends attending a private school in Britian. They’re nerdy, awkward, barely get laid, and yet, nevertheless have the supreme overconfidence of GOB Bluth. The series is also very, very funny, and like Arrested Development may some day do (in theory), The InBetweeners spawned a movie based on the series, which was a huge hit in theaters over in the UK (it was a decidedly mediocre film, however). Don’t be put off by the tepid MTV adaptation.

Better Off TedBetter Off Ted has a lot in common with Arrested Development, and not just that they shared Portia de Rossi among their cast. Ted has become a huge cult hit post-cancellation, and rightly so. It has the exact same brand of humor you’d expect to see on Arrested Development, only its applied to a workplace. I promise you that if you love Arrested Development, you will also love Better Off Ted. Bonus: When you get to the end, and realize that the show was cancelled after two seasons, you can experience the same sting of unhappiness you felt after AD was cancelled.

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