10 Things We Learned From Last Night’s Preposterous ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Episode

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10.17.12 194 Comments
It’s been a wild season of high and lows on Sons of Anarchy: A fan favorite was killed three weeks ago, and Sutter followed it up last week with an episode that reminded us of when this show had a sense of humor.

Unfortunately, in this week’s episode, he felt compelled to remind us that Sons of Anarchy is very much a nighttime soap opera, and that it can be achingly silly at times. The show is quickly running out of characters we can root for, and if episodes continue to be as silly as last night’s, I’m going to be rooting for them all to die soon.

Let’s get to the recap:

1. The Right Way with the Right People, and There Is No Risk — The most infuriating aspect of an episode that was entertaining but ultimately preposterous was how unbelievably easy Jax settled his beef with Damon Pope. Damon Pope and Jax Teller have a certain mutual respect for each other, which I get. But where is Jax’s pride? DAMON POPE JUST HAD HIS BEST FRIEND MURDERED. Why is he so easy to agree to a deal to traffic in MORE DRUGS just as he’s trying to get out of the drug business? Surely, Jax’s greed is not bigger than his pride? Or is it?

Pope killed their people. He burned Tig’s daughter alive in one of the most brutal murders I’ve ever seen on television. He had Opie pipe-killed. How are they so quick to settle their differences? Worse, the whole scenario has diffused the tension between SAMCRO and what was supposed to be the season’s evil, ruthless Big Bad. Now, he’s more likable than Jax. At least, he’s dispassionate. It’s all business for him.

2. SAMCRO Votes 6-5 to Strengthen Their Relationship with Pope — Even TIG votes to go along. Has he forgotten that Pope killed his daughter? Notice how the votes lined up: The people who have the most reason to hate Pope vote for the proposal, while Clay and the more recent members of SAMCRO — who are trying to pin the home invasions on the Niners — vote against. If I didn’t know that Clay was behind the home invasions, the way the voting went down would’ve raised my suspicions. That was preposterously transparent, and Jax should’ve picked up on it.

3. Carla Blows Her Brains Out — I didn’t get this. What was the point? Where did this turn come from? Did Sutter just think: Hey! This episode doesn’t have enough violence, so let’s throw this into the mix. Gemma and Tara beat up Carla, so Carla forces Gemma to go down on Nero by gunpoint, and when Nero refused, Carla blew her brains out. That entire plot turn was silly and contrived. Why wouldn’t a woman who knows she’s about to take her own life go ahead and kill the people that drove her to it? And of ALL the people in SAMCRO that Gemma could turn to to dispose of Carla’s body, why did she choose Clay, the guy she hates the most? Give me a break.

4. Tara Confronts Otto — Another totally ridiculous contrivance: Tara volunteers her medical services at the prison in order to get to Otto so she can convince Otto to drop his testimony in the RICO case. Otto refuses, and why wouldn’t he? He has no relationship with Tara. She has no leverage, and Otta has no reason to drop the RICO case. Why didn’t she use her access to kill him? She had the means, and he didn’t know who she was. She should’ve injected him with RICIN. Come on, Sutter. HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING FROM BREAKING BAD?

5. Jax and Tara Make Some Alone-Time Plans — When did Sons of Anarchy become the show where the married couple decide to spend some time alone in a cabin? To decompress? You are the president of an outlaw motorcycle club, you run coke and prostitute, and murder people who get in your way. There are no quiet, serene weekends at the cabin. You don’t live in a Franzen novel, for God’s sake. Get your goddamn romance out of my Sons of Anarchy.

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