Finally An Office Big Enough For Your Balls: 10 Things You May Not Know About The Cast Of USA’s ‘Suits’

The third season premiere of USA Network’s Suits debuts on Tuesday, July 16th, and I’ve seen it. It’s good. If you’ve been following the show all along, you should know that the premiere ratchets up the interoffice politics to an even greater degree next season. It looks like the season’s big bad, so to speak, is Edward Darby, the British guy who merged his firm with Pearson Hardman at the end of last season. Edward Darby is played by Conleth Hill, and even though he was in two episodes last season, and even though I am obviously a religious viewer of Game of Thrones, it took me until midway through the third-season premiere to realize that, “Hey! That’s Varys!” Sometimes, outside of context, it just never clicks.

Conleth Hill is not the only Game of Thrones actor set to appear in season two of Suits. The show also nabbed Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark), and because he appears in EVERYTHING you love, there’s also some Gary Cole.

It’s a great premiere, but before you start with the third season of Suits, I thought I’d drop a little knowledge that you may not know about the cast of Suits.

1. It absolutely crushes me to remember this, but Gabriel Macht was the title character in The Spirit. Let us never speak of this again.

2. Gabriel Macht is also married to Jacinda Barrett, a cast member of Real World: London and one of the few Real World cast members to go on to an actual acting career (she’s probably best known for roles in stinkers, Poseidon, The Last Kiss or for recurring on Suits.

3. Macht’s Dad is also an actor, Stephen Macht. He’s a character actor who has been around for 40 years, probably best known for the role of Del in Monster Squad.

4. Patrick J. Adams was in Old School, although I can find no photographic or video evidence to support it. However, I can find evidence to confirm that he was in an episode of Lost. He played a guy who sought John Locke’s help (off the island) and ended up dead.

5. Rick Hoffman (Louis Litt) doesn’t have a particularly interesting filmography, but he did once have two lines in a Julia Roberts’ movie, Conspiracy Theory. He flubbed the two lines because he was nervous, but Richard Donner liked the gaffe, so they kept it in the final cut. Really, though, I just wanted to include a picture of a younger Rick Hoffman (via).

6. Meghan Markle was a model on Deal or No Deal, which pretty much justifies this entire post (via She’s also a Northwester grad who once worked for the U.S. Embassy.

7. Sarah Rafferty has basically been appearing in tiny, one-off roles in television series for a decade, never landing anything particularly substantive until Suits, although she did once appear in an episode of Charmed. I don’t want to make any rash assumptions, but I think she may have had some surgery done since then.

Also, here are some of Donna’s best quotes, i.e., two minutes of scenes featuring Donna, one of the better reasons to watch Suits.

8. Gina Torres, of course, was Zoë Washburne in Firefly, although she’s also had recurring roles in Angel, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and 24.

9. Gina Torres is also the wife of Laurence Fishburne, which may explain why she appeared as the wife of Fishburne’s character in Hannibal.

10. David Costabile, who appeared in all of season two of Suits, is of course known to many as Gale Boetticher in Breaking Bad. He’s close friends with Rainn Wilson, with whom he helped to create The New Bozena for the stage. It may also be why Costabile landed a small role on an episode of The Office.