Here Are 100 Free Fake Names You Can Use In Your TV Scripts (Or To Go On The Lam)

I like to believe that a solid 70-80% of UPROXX readers are hotshot Hollywood writers and/or sad sack gambling addicts who may need to go on the run as early as tonight to get out from under some heavy debt to some even heavier loan sharks, so allow me to do all of you a solid. Here are 100 free fake names you can use for anything you like. Need a name for a tough by-the-book detective for the pilot you’re working on? I got you covered. Looking for a pseudonym to check into a hotel under to throw the paparazzi off your scent? Look no further. Thinking of starting a Ponzi scheme, but your given name, Joey Swindle, sounds a little too shady? Who am I to judge? I’m just a guy who likes coming up with fake names on Twitter, and decided to compile them all in one place, as a gift to you. Use them as you please.

For men:

Lucius Cashmere
Jesse Phoenix
Dell MacApple
Roger Flopple
Demetrius Levenworth
Lieutenant Alonzo Poowhistle
Dunk Johnson
Salamander Hammerhead
Serge LeMans
Flip Jupiter
Ed Bed
Oliver Revilo
Bushwood Parachute
Lucenzo Von Diablo
Victor Hickory
Ferrari Montenegro
Nico Vulture
Cobbler Blacksmith
Jack Violence
Bobby Socks
Chunky Heels
Silk Teddy
Gil Parquet
Stegosaurus Jones
Rodney Hacksaw
Sir Alistair Spork
Paul Corduroy
Giuseppe Everglades
Pog Radisson
Steve Doublesteve
Beauregard V. Asscan
Tex Montreal
Ambassador Nikolai Backflip
Yolo Pepperoni
Hank Fracas
Magellan Lasagna
Bonezone VanLandingham
Carl Discotheque
Teddy Nuggets
Kid Lupus
Kale Arugula
Luke Sexgator
Ludwig Von Instagram
Hector McHector
Max Colorado
Champ Champagne
Samuel Lockjaw
Jacques Hollandaise
Christian Buddha
Carlos Waterslide

For women:

Natasha Mascara
Xena Wobbles
Hilda Swinger
Lisa Toboggan
Special Agent Dana Prime
Heather Kerfuffle
Hammerlina Smith
Alicia Purple
Daisy Switchblade
Tatiana Salkow
Monica Labrador
Rose Mocha
Mocha Rose
Alexandra F*ckhammer
Detective Brenda Sacramento
Jacqueline Pumpkin
Kat Skinner
Penelope Remington
Holly Mistletoe
Wendy Skorts
Senator Eleanor Milkshake
Cassidy Von Pogo
Rebecca Beretta
Georgia Sherman-Burns
Molly Popper
Martha Racecar
Dina Negroni
Contessa Raylene Truckstop
Robin Cardinal
April Telluride
Trisha Decolletage
Allison Crossbow
Helen Porter
Emma Stout
Joan Lager
Dr. Kaylee Scientist
Lola Copacabana
Sally Skateboard
Dolly Unicycle
Peggy Hoverboard
Louise Dazzle
Carmella Pizzazz
Erin O’Barkeep
Becky Nitrogen
Allie Starfeet
Lindsay McMartinhamson
Mirandella Houndstooth
Zooey Camembert
Shirley Hurley
Esther Trampoline

Photo credit: Shutterstock