All The ‘Archer’ Quotes You Should Be Using In Everyday Conversation

Have you been going through Archer withdrawal since Vice ended back in April? Have you found yourself binge watching old episodes on Netflix with your friends and family in anticipation for the approaching sixth season in January? We sure have. To help you fight the shakes, I’ve gathered all of the Archer quotes you should be using every day to stave off any further withdrawals…

“I swear to god I had something for this.” — Archer

Everyday use: When you want to say something clever but can’t think of anything.

“You’re not my supervisor!” — Cheryl

Everyday use: Whenever you don’t want to do something.

“Holy sh*tsnacks!” — Pam

Everyday use: Any and all moments of surprise.

“Phrasing.” — Archer

Everyday use: When you’re out to dinner with your family.

“Yup.” — Lana

Everyday use: When you know you’re in the right.

“That’s how you get ants.” — Various

Everyday use: When your roommates do just about anything.

“Boop.” — Archer

Everyday use: When someone is just being so darned cute.

“I’m Pacman Jones!” — Pam

Everyday use: When you’re making it rain.

“Read a book.” — Archer

Everyday use: Whenever others don’t get your references.

“Sploosh!” — Various

Everyday use: When something is getting you all hot.

“Rampage!” — Archer

Everyday use: Instead of whatever you currently use to pump yourself up.

“You’re not my friend, you’re a Decepticon!” — Pam

Everyday use: When you’ve been betrayed.

“Power blackout.” — Archer

Everyday use: After you’ve done some heavy day drinking.

“Just the tip.” — Archer

Everyday use: When you’re splitting the check.

“Do you not?” — Archer

Everyday use: When someone confronts your guilty pleasures.

“Idiots doing idiot things, because they’re idiots.” — Archer

Everyday use: When everyone else is against you.

“Can’t or won’t?” — Archer

Everyday use: When you need some clarification.

“Look at his tufted ears!” — Archer

Everyday use: Anytime you see an adorable animal.

“The cumulative hangover will kill me.” — Archer

Everyday use: I’ll leave this up to you.

“Danger Zone!” — Archer

Everyday use: Any time, any place.