7 Cool Callbacks From This Week’s Morgan-Centered ‘The Walking Dead’

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11.01.15 27 Comments

In July, while at Comic-Con, The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple noted that he was working on an episode about Morgan’s backstory that would allow us to fill in the blanks on the character in between the third season and the present day. That episode, “Here’s Not Here,” arrived this week, and one wonders how much of Morgan’s backstory had been planned from the beginning, or if Scott Gimple had to work diligently to pick up a few of the Morgan crumbs he’s been leaving along the way over the past four seasons and work them into the backstory.

Much of the fun in “Here’s Not Here,” in fact, is in how Gimple figured out how to call back to some of the earlier moments we had with Morgan popping up in the occasional cold open or in the coda of an episode in seasons four and five.

We’ll dig deeper into the episode later, but quickly, here are seven callbacks to earlier moments in the series in this week’s episode.

1. Clear — We finally got a better understanding of what Morgan meant by “Clear,” in the third season episode of the same name, when he was rambling to Rick about it. Basically, to Morgan, “Clear” means to get everything clear of him. He believed that by killing everything around him — walkers and humans alike — he could be clear of the haunting thoughts of his zombified wife killing his son, Dwayne. “Everything that gets in my way, I ‘clear.’ That’s why I’m still here.”

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