A 7’2″ ‘Masterchef’ Contestant Punched A Cop And Claimed He Was Possessed By Gordon Ramsay

Well here’s a hell of a thing: Josh Marks, a 7’2″ Season 3 contestant on Fox’s MasterChef, was arrested recently after he punched a police officer and claimed Gordon Ramsay is “an asshole” who possessed his body and transformed him into God.

Law enforcement sources tell us … a University of Chicago cop spotted Josh Marks nearby the campus on Monday He was trying to use a University emergency phone and had obvious cuts on his face. We’re told the cop asked Marks if anything was wrong, and Marks then lunged at him, striking him with a closed fist and then tried to grab his gun.

Our sources say the cop and two other officers tried to subdue the 26-year-old, 7’2″ tall culinary runner-up … to no avail. They batoned and pepper sprayed him but it had no effect. Marks broke free and started running. Five cops subdued him in a resident’s backyard. [TMZ]

The TMZ report says there was no evidence of drug use, so it seems like Marks could be dealing with some pretty serious issues here. Hopefully he gets whatever help he needs. Still, he’s dead-on about Gordon Ramsay being an asshole. Let’s at least give him that.

Photo credit: Fox