A ‘Community’ Star Is Getting A Show To Call His Very Own

You might have heard that this show about communities, or something, is coming back for a sixth season, but that doesn’t mean its actors can’t find work elsewhere. Proof: Ken Jeong will star in an MTV comedy, Ken Jeong Made Me Do It, but don’t worry, he won’t leave Dan Harmon (c)hanging.

The comedy entry revolves around 22-year-old Andy, who, after catching his girlfriend cheating, accidentally rear-ends Jeong’s fancy car. Taking pity on Andy, Jeong takes it upon himself to teach him how to man up. Jeong will play himself, with the casting lifting the contingency on the pilot. The pilot will not prevent Jeong from returning to Community, with the MTV entry working around the in-demand actor’s schedule. (Via)

Good luck fat dog’ing your talents over to MTV, Mr. Jeong.

Via the Hollywood Reporter