A Contestant On ‘Jeopardy’ Told Perhaps The Stupidest Story In The Show’s History

Things get pretty awkward on Jeopardy when Alex Trebek interviews contestants. It generally follows this sequence:

1) Alex teases a story
2) Contestant spends 30 seconds talking about the time he got stung by a bee at 5th grade camp
3) Alex makes a witty response like, “Did you beehive yourself the rest of the time?”
4) Audience laughs
5) Rinse-repeat

It’s been like that for as long as I can remember. During tonight’s episode, a physics student named Dan Tran told a story about the time he went to France for a student trip.

I’ve transcribed it for you because WHAT IS DAN TALKING ABOUT?!

“So when I was a senior in high school—I took French in high school—we went on an exchange trip and we arrived incredibly jet-lagged, no cappuccino could really save us in that regard. And uh, during an open air tour bus tour in Paris, I looked up and said to my friend ‘hey, you know, the moon looks pretty bright tonight/today’ and um, they just turned to me like ‘Dan, that’s not the moon, that’s the sun.’

‘And I was like, no guys it’s the sun.’ But um, but then you know it turned out it was actually the sun and not the moon and I still confuse it nowadays.”

Dan finished the game as co-champ and will return tomorrow. He’s likely to tell a story about the time he confused a banana and a penis.