A Long-Time ‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Was Startled To Learn He Or She Dies This Season

Game of Thrones took over not only this week’s Entertainment Weekly, but also the internet, where we’ve reported on HBO wanting the show to last longer than seven seasons and MORE DRAGONS PLEASE. But lost in the Stannis shuffle is this interview, via Winter Is Coming, with a current Game of Thrones cast member who’s about to be a former-Game of Thrones star.

He or she is only identified as being important enough to have a trailer on set in Ireland.

“It proves you should probably not read the books,” the actor says. “I thought this season I was going to have more to do, and I was really looking forward to that. And then I got my dates from my agent and I thought, ‘That doesn’t tally.’ Because there was no way if they were sticking to the books I should be in it for that number of weeks. It seemed to me they must be writing me out. The showrunners rang me and told me, ‘Your time is up in the series.’ I’m disappointed but you have to accept that the demands of TV are different. I find myself being quite emotional about it. I’m going to miss it. Never mind being a professional, they’re very nice people.”

So, who could it be? The biggest clue is their filming in Northern Ireland, which rules out a whole host of characters, including Margaery (phew). It could be someone at Castle Black, or maybe that’s what they want you to think. All the hints — someone who didn’t have much to do last season, long-time actor, book reader — are false flags to the real answer:

Or maybe it’s Ramsay Bolton. I hope it’s Ramsay Bolton.

Via Winter Is Coming