A ‘Simpsons’ Fan Made The Only Coca-Cola Name Bottle Worth Owning

Parents are always going on and on about how the greatest gift in life anyone can receive is kids, to which I respond: bull plop. The only present worth being presented is a personalized “Bort” license plate. I was lucky to receive one a few years ago (or at least a plastic look-alike), and it currently rests in my car’s rear windshield, getting photographed by Simpsons fans at least once a week.

They’re very rare for a name that’s so popular, which is why I want this so badly.

Now before you go running off to Try-N-Save, know that the picture isn’t real — it was Photoshopped by kee440. But it could and should be! Enough of these Barclay bottles. WE WANT BORT.

And more asbestos.

But mostly Bort.