A Very Helpful Guide To Every On-Screen Death On ‘The Walking Dead’

Off the top of your head, which character on The Walking Dead do you think has killed the most zombies? OK, yeah, it’s Rick Grimes. Well, who’s slain the SECOND most? Dammit. You’re right, it’s Daryl, courtesy of his creeping crabbing. How about THIRD most? Didn’t think so, smart guy. Plus, do you know the exact number of zombies each member of the Rickocracy (and beyond) has put down, and how they did it? Was it a gun? A shovel? A rock? A tree branch? Then do we have a graphic for you, thanks to the National Post:

While AMC lets The Walking Dead gang take a short mid-season break – the Post’s Andrew Barr and Richard Johnson look at a few of the key statistics of two-and-a-half season’s worth of undead mayhem. They find noteworthy – the gradual increase in the body count, the increasingly creative means of Zombie dispatch, and the fact that every character seems to have developed a clear enjoyment for putting the ambulatory cadavers down for good. (Via)

The graphic is massive, so it may take a second to load, but remembering the time T-Dog finished off the “well zombie” is worth your computer freaking out a little. And then pour out a 40 for the great dawg in the sky.

Head over to the National Post’s website to see the full chart. It’s pretty damn awesome.

(Via National Post)