A Visual Guide To The Many Random Acting Roles Of Jim Gaffigan

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jim gaffigan, welcome to new york


Before Jim Gaffigan was selling out theaters with his uniquely original observations on cake and whales, he was playing that guy on that sitcom that only lasted two seasons. Before that he was playing some sort of sexual deviant/murderer on Law & Order — ALL of them. Before that he was wearing a pink bunny suit in commercials for Energizer batteries. What I’m trying to get at is that Jim Gaffigan has paid his showbiz dues several times over.

To celebrate the great Mr. Gaffigan’s 48th birthday, I’ve lined up this timeline of his many, many acting roles over the years. For a more enjoyable experience, I’d suggest heating up your favorite Hot Pocket — at lava temperature of course — to snack on while viewing. We’ll kick things off with a look at Jim Gaffigan’s earlier commercial work from the 90s.

1. Energizer Battery commercials

Probably one of my favorite Jim Gaffigan commercials, a man aspiring to be a battery-operated robot rabbit is far funnier than the commercials its parodying.

2. Mega Bucks commercial

Jim’s got farm stuff to do like build fences and sell syrup. He can’t be bothered by a silly lottery company.

3. Rolling Rock

The message I took away from this commercial, is that if you drink enough Rolling Rock, you’ll start to think that tiny horse is winking at you.

4. Kodak Advantix Camera

Back in the dark ages when we had to wait up to one hour to see what our selfie looked like.


Jim’s on to something here, that MacGyver probably would be a good anchor.

6. Saturn

If you’re going to watch one commercial blooper reel today, make it Jim Gaffigan’s. Jim ad-libbing about the stuffed pelican filled with urine and stealing cars is almost enough to make me want to buy a Saturn. Almost.

And now the first of Jim Gaffigan’s numerous appearances on the Law & Order franchise.
7. Law & Order, George Rozakis, Larry Johnson — 1998, 2009



8. Three Kings, solider — 1999

Look for him at the .40 second mark asking for some gum.

9. Cry Baby Lane, Dan — 2000



10. Welcome to New York, Jim Gaffigan — 2000-2001
various episodes

11. Law & Order: SVU, Oliver Tunney — 2001



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