Aaron Paul And Zach Braff Commiserate On Twitter About Netflix Dropping ‘Scrubs’

Update: According to the Decider, who contacted Netflix, Scrubs will no longer be leaving the service at the beginning of February, as was believed.

In case you didn’t know, Scrubs was originally supposed to expire from Netflix earlier this month, but a deal was struck between the streaming service and one of the most popular shows on the platform to extend it another month. On February 4th, the sitcom is scheduled to expire.

However, that may be a hardball negotiating tactic between Netflix and Disney, the parent company of Touchstone Studios, which produced Scrubs, in order to get the rights to the sitcom for less money (Scrubs was valued at $26 million, at one point).

In the meantime, however, Scrubs is still expected to leave the service in about a week, and Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul is just as unhappy about it as the rest of us (seriously, Scrubs is my all-time favorite sitcom, and definitely the most rewatchable). He and Zach Braff had a sweet exchange about the upcoming expiration on Twitter:

Maybe a little of that blue meth can grease the wheels on negotiations so that Netflix doesn’t drop the ONE OF THE GREATEST SITCOMS OF ALL TIME.

Also, #TurkDance #MercyFlush #Obligatory

Via Twitter and The Mary Sue