Aaron Paul Is Hosting A Pre-Emmys ‘Breaking Bad’ Scavenger Hunt In Hollywood

Just when you think that Aaron Paul couldn’t be any cooler than he already is, he goes and does something that makes you just want to fist bump him while taking shots of his favorite whiskey. Come Monday night, Paul will either win an Emmy for his final season of work as Jesse Pinkman or he’ll be robbed for the last time, but either way he’s going out with a bang that shows his appreciation for the show’s rabid fans. Paul announced on his Instagram account tonight that he’s going to be hiding Breaking Bad memorabilia and artwork “all over the Hollywood area” for a scavenger hunt that will take place prior to the Emmy ceremony.

Yeah bitch, indeed.

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The details and clues will presumably be announced on his Instagram account, because otherwise this would be just about the laziest scavenger hunt in history. Still, I’m sure the police are going to love this idea, but then a bunch of idiots running around Hollywood and acting like jackasses in the name of celebrity worship is probably what a basic Monday night looks like anyway. So happy hunting, Breaking Bad fans.