Aaron Paul Upgrades 'Breaking Bad' Finale From Head Exploding To Pant Sh**ting


In an interview with Buzzsugar, Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman, Aaron Paul, revealed that he had no desire to spoil the final eight episodes because he doesn’t want to ruin it for anyone, although it’s abundantly clear that Paul has no problem whatsoever talking up the final eight episodes. After he read the first episode of the back eight, he told Ewan McGregor on Twitter that it “made his head explode a little bit.” When announcing the (wrong) date for the premiere, he suggested we would need to “break some sh*t.” Last summer, Paul said the final season would be a “bloodbath.” In April, Paul said the final season would be “the most intense season yet.” He also told Conan that the final season would be the “dirtiest and darkest ever.”

And now, Aaron Paul has kicked up the hyperbole. Adult diapers are now necessary to watch the finale.

From Buzzsugar, here’s Aaron Paul talking about his process when receiving the scripts for the final eight:

In all honesty, I couldn’t wait. If I got an email on my phone with the final eight, I thought to myself, “I’m gonna wait to get home and actually have the paper scripts, sit on the couch, drink some wine and take my time with it.” But in all reality, probably six out of the eight episodes I read from my phone on a plane to something. I could not wait. I’m a huge fan of the show as well . . . You guys are gonna sh*t your pants!

You hear that, folks? The season finale will cause us to evacuate our bowels. The shock of the final episode will be such that our sphincters will be unable to hold it in. I cannot wait to defecate in my trousers!

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