Aaron Paul Explains How A ‘Buy One Get One Free’ Python Deal Kept Him Single For Awhile

Aaron Paul was a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden Thursday night alongside Piper Perabo and Jack Hanna. As Corden got ready to bring the famed zookeeper out, Paul exclaimed that he was “so excited,” expressing a love for exotic animals. (Aaron Paul loves exotic animals? Get the heck out of here.) In fact, he even used to be the owner of a pair of albino Burmese pythons, which he said he said he bought on impulse during a road trip when he and some friends stopped at a local mall and the owner of a pet store offered him a two-for-one deal.

The snakes were babies at the time he bought them, but according to Wikipedia Burmese pythons grow to be about 12 feet long, which Paul learned this the hard way. He said, “But they don’t stay that size! They get so big, and then you know I had them for like a year and a half, maybe two years, and they were just kind of roaming around my place, and they got so giant where I instantly became ‘that guy’ with like, two giant albino Burmese pythons.”

We all know now that Paul is happily married to his wife of three years, Lauren Parsekian, but at the time he was single and when it was suggested that he needed to start feeding the snakes rabbits and small chickens, he knew they had to go — which Perabo enthusiastically agreed with. (Don’t worry, he found a good home for them.) Classic Aaron Paul.

Later on the show when Jack Hanna finally came out, he brought along friends such as a cheetah, tortoise, turkey, and reindeer. Spoiler alert, you’ve probably never seen talk show guest get as excited over Jack Hanna’s animals as Aaron Paul does.