Abedpedia: The A-To-Z Guide To Abed’s Pop Culture References On ‘Community’

Senior Pop Culture Editor
01.02.14 5 Comments

Keeping track of every pop culture reference Abed has made on Community can drive a man insane, or at least make him curl up with a bottle of no-no juice. There are references on top of references on top of spoofs on top of meta references; the layers of Star Trek go seven timelines deep. But I did the best I could: consider this your glimpse inside the mind of Abed. I kept track of every pop culture reference Abed has made, with a few guidelines to keep me away from the Greendale Asylum: 1) For the most part, I only included exact references, i.e. Doctor Who isn’t included because it’s not mentioned by name, only in homage with Inspector Spacetime (same with the spaghetti westerns that are lovingly paid tribute to in “A Few Paintballs More” — I broke this rule a few times, though; blame it on Evil Josh); and 2) I didn’t bother with season four. No Dan Harmon, no care.

The Abyss

the abyss



An American Tail

american tail

Animal House

animal house abed

Apocalypse Now

apocalypse now

Bad Influence

bad influence

The Beatles

baby boomer santa

Belushi, Jim

jim belushi

The Big Lebowski



abed blade

The Brady Bunch

brady bunch abed

The Breakfast Club

bclub dance

The Bucket List

bucket list

Can’t Buy Me Love

buy me love

The Cape

the cape abed

The Chronicles of Riddick

abed riddick

Cougar Town

cougar town abed

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