Actor Who Got ‘Farted At’ on ‘Game of Thrones’ Answers Questions about Farts

04.24.12 7 years ago 3 Comments

In the most Internet’y Internet thing in the history of the Internet, Sam Mackay, better known as The Guy Who Got Farted At in Sunday’s episode of “Game of Thrones,” participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything under the name “uncalled4aggression.” And people did ask him anything, often about farts.

Are you afraid of being type-casted as the “fart guy”?

To be honest I’m just waiting for a sequel to “Thunderpants” I’m pretty sure there’s heavy demand for it.

Was George R.R. Martin on site to give his perspective of how the scene should be done?

George wasn’t there but if he was, I’m pretty sure he’d have said, “wait a minute…I didn’t write this?”

If you had your choice, which “Game of Thrones” character would you choose to fart on you next?

I’d say Cersei but I’d be worried about receiving a little deposit of Jaime love porridge on my boots…too much?

I like this guy. He’s like if one of us was allowed on set for a day. More important questions below.

Which major characters did you get to meet? I’d imagine Robb Stark, any others?

Pretty much just Robb in the back of the car back from set. Nice bloke, chilled out, had been sitting waiting to go on set for a good 4 hours. Maisie Williams was apparently about but they seemed to keep the younger actors away until definitely needed. Can’t remember for the life of me who but we were told there was a band who were big fans of the show who came on set to watch us while we filmed it but can’t remember for the life of me who it was.

Did you take anything as a keepsake?

I was desperate to nick anything to be honest but someone literally stripped all the stuff off of me back in the trailer…this is no way near as sexy as it sounds

Was the fart directed at you or just your general direction?

When David Fynn [who played Rennick] farts…it’s in all our directions

Did it feel good to wear it? Also how much did they pay you?

Hell yeh it felt awesome. It was my TV debut having spent most of my time in theatre and you can’t help but feel the grandeur, especially with a sword at your hip. I couldn’t reveal the payment but the Lannisters are stingier than they give themselves credit for, good thing HBO covered it.


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